[ENG] I am well [+alive]

Calm casualties

Before it began

And after it ended


Finding out to be dead

Before birth

Caused by displacement

And other mundanities


If I made it through

It would have been enough

If I make it though

Will it be enough

Everyone is at risk

Of strict, self-imposed guilt


Having killed some as well

Inside of self,

In consciousness

Cut family ties

Burnt down bridges


Death as a defense mechanism

Families passing on traditions

Being offered tragedies and regrets

I bursted out laughing in refusal


Remembering the land where I have never been

Missing being where I am living as I have not left

What should be said about a maker

If you hear you are the breaker?


Habits you have never heard of

Comfort in mourning

Never in wishing

And foreseeing future



The sun does not go away when eyes are closed

music can still be heard long after it stopped playing


Nothing to offer, simply happened to be here

So sorry for your loss

I can’t imagine how it feels

I’m well and alive

Safe and ultrasound


- Christelle Saint-Julien


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